Welcome to the Science Technology Engineering Mathematics & Fine Arts School e. V.

STEM & Fine Arts School e.V, based in Germany is a registered association to educate children about Innovation & Design in the fields of Science, Technology and Space. Currently STEMFAS acts as an after school club and we conduct Online workshops to train the children so as to become young Engineers.  We have a pool of experienced and trained teachers to train the students.  Currently we teach children from countries in Europe, India and USA.

Space simulator workshops

The children are taught to build a rocket and launching it into the space and finally landing on the surface of the Moon.

Embedded Programming

Here we train the students to become familier with Embedded Programming using Arduino and Embedded C

Small Satellite Design

Design of a small satellite with components such as Temperature and Pressure Sensor in Arduino board and programming in Embedded C.

3D Modelling

Designing Models in 3D using Tinkercad and Fusion 360.

Raspberry Pi and Python

Various Projects with Raspberry Pi and Programming Python.


Various Projects with Lego Mindstorming eV3 with Lego Robots